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About this Site : Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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  1. Why should I join?
    1. Everybody needs good friends.
    2. Create your profile on this site.
    3. You can find friends based on your place, education, job or work, hobbies etc.
    4. Suitable people can see your profile and contact you. 100% Free for you.
    5. You can contact users using 100% free chat and discuss anything.
    6. You can discuss anything, or give or ask mobile/email/whatsapp etc. free.
    7. You can get free notification when members wish to contact you.

  2. Can people of any country / religion / language join and use this site?
    Yes. Anybody can join from all countries, religions, languages...

  3. Can I add a profile without joining?
    Sorry! you need to join free to add a profile.

  4. I don't have an email address. Can I join with mobile number?
    Yes. You can join with your mobile number. However, you can get an email when other members send you any private message or send replies to your messages. If you don't have an email address, you can get a free email address from Gmail.com. Update your email address anytime after joining.

  5. What happens if I join with wrong email address or wrong mobile number ?
    • You must verify your email address or mobile number to chat with members.
    • We send email or SMS to verify account.
    • Those who have access to that email address or mobile number can delete your account.
    • When other members wish to contact you, send any private message, or send reply to your message, you will not get any email.
    • we cannot send any email to you regarding your profile.

  6. Can I create more than one account / profile?
    Please do not create duplicate profiles. We may delete inactive profiles anytime.


  1. Do I need to login to the site everytime I visit?
    Unless you click the logout link, you will be logged in permanently. If you are using your personal computer, or mobile, do not click the logout link.

  2. Do I need to logout everytime after using the site?
    No need to logout if you are using your own computer / laptop / mobile to open this site. If you are using a public computer or other person's mobile, you should logout after using the site.

  3. What is the use of Login with Facebook / Google?
    You can join / login with just one click. No need to remember your password. More benefits are listed on those pages.

  4. I forgot my password and have no access to my email address. How to login?
    Please contact us

  5. Login with Facebook / Google created a new account instead of logging into my old account. Why?
    It may happen if your old account email is not the same as your Facebook / Google email.
    To solve this problem, do as follows :
    1. If you forgot your password, get a new password.
    2. Log in to your old account.
    3. After logging in, visit this page : Login with Facebook / Google
    4. Connect your account with Facebook / Google.

  6. Login with Facebook / Google is not working in mobile app. why?
    Sorry. This feature works only in browsers due to some technical issues. You can use login with facebook / google in any browser. (not mini browsers and not those with disabled javascript)


  1. How much time it may take to create my profile?
    Around 3 to 10 minutes depending on the details you wish to show in your profile.

  2. Will you verify the details in profiles of members?
    Sorry. This is a worldwide online service for all countries and languages. We cannot verify any details of members. If you are interested in any member, please try to contact that member and verify the details yourself, or verify with the help of your family members or friends.

  3. Can I create a profile for my family member, relative or friend?
    You have to create your profile only.

  4. Why should I fill so many details for my profile ?
    Most of the details are optional. This will help others to understand you better. And, suitable members may contact you.

  5. Can I modify my profile details anytime ?
    Yes, you can find 'Edit Profile' link in the menu.

  6. I don't use email regularly. Can I join with mobile number?
    Yes, you can join. However, we may not send SMS when other members wish to contact you, or send any messages.

  7. Why should I create a profile on this site?
    You may find friends based on your place, education, job or work, hobbies etc... and you can use free chat to contact those you like.

  8. Do I need to fill all the details in my profile page?
    If you provide more details in your profile, other members can understand you better. Many fields are optional.

  9. Can I display my phone numbers, email and whatsapp numbers in my profile?
    Displaying your phone numbers or email addresses online may invite spam calls or messages from scammers or spammers. You can give your phone numbers or email addresses to members you like using private messages or chat.

  10. Can I delete my account, profile, messages, photos...?
    Yes, Go to Menu -> Settings -> Delete Account. This will delete your account, profile, messages, photos etc. If you still have any problem, please contact Admin.

  11. How to make my profile more popular?
    Share your profile link to your friends in Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking sites.

  12. How to report against any member, or bad profile?
    Please contact Admin and inform the profile ID.
    If any member sends you bad messages in chat, click 'yellow triangle' and send report. His/her account may be deleted.

  13. How can I know that the details in a member profile are really correct ?
    If you are interested in any member, you may contact that member, and verify the details yourself, or with the help of your family members or friends. This is a worldwide online service. So, we do not verify the details of members.

  14. I have two profiles with two different email addresses. What should I do?
    Delete any one profile and keep the other profile.


  1. How to contact a member for Free?
    if you like any member, you can do free chat if member is online. If member is offline, you can send any messages. When member visits this site later, he or she can read your messages and reply.

  2. I don't find the contact button for a member. How to contact?
    Some members wish to hide their mobile/email from all members. So, you have to contact them using free chat only.

  3. Can I give my phone number to other members in private messages / replies ?
    Yes. You can give or ask mobile/whatsapp numbers or email address free.

  4. If any member sends bad messages to me, what should I do?
    Click 'yellow triangle' near that message, his or her account may be deleted.
    Click "Block" button near that message, that member cannot send any messages or replies to you.

  5. How can I know if a member likes my profile?
    ask him or her in free chat

  6. How to block some members from contacting me?
    If any member contacts you, you will find their message in your inbox. You can block that member in that page.

  7. Will I get any SMS or phone call when others want to contact me? or reply to my messages?
    We send email. Please also check your spam folder.
    If you are using android app, we may send notification if they are enabled in your mobile phone.

  8. How can I contact a member if he or she is not replying to my private messages / chat ?
    If a member did not reply to your message, you may view his phone number or email by paying a small fee and contact directly. Click the "See mobile number / email address" link in their profile page.

  9. Will you search and contact members on my behalf?
    Sorry. you have to search and contact yourself.

  10. I am not getting any replies. Is this site fake?
    You send chat invitation or message to a member. The message reaches his inbox. If that member visits this site later, he/she may find your message. If the member is busy or forgot to visit this site, you will not get any reply.

    So, there may be many reasons :
    * Member may be busy.
    * Member may have forgotten to visit this site.
    * Member may have read your message but didn\'t reply.
    * Member may have forgotten his login details and could not login to this site.

    If you didn't get any reply, pay a small fee and see his/her mobile number or email address and contact directly.

  11. How to contact the owner / Admin of this site?


  1. where can I upload or manage my photos?
  2. How many photos can I upload to show in my profile page?
    You can upload upto 10 photos.

  3. what type of photos should I upload ?
    You can upload your photos and your family photos. You should be clearly visible in the photo.

  4. Why is my photo deleted?
    Duplicate photos, photos with poor lighting, photos in which you are not clearly visible, will be deleted. We reserve the right to delete any photo that doesn't look good in our opinion.

  5. Is it safe to upload my photo on this site?
    Yes. Suitable friends may contact you if you upload your photo.

  6. How to request a member to upload photo?
    Request member to upload photos using private message or chat.

  7. I don't know how to rotate / cut photos. Will you do it?
    Yes. We will cut / rotate photos that are not looking good.

  8. Can I upload my identity card, horoscope or any other documents ?
    Yes, you can upload.


  1. I dont find suitable friends on this site. why?
    As more people join this site, you may find suitable friends. So, search again after some days.

  2. How to find suitable members easily?
    If you entered details related to your job, education, place, hobbies etc..., you can find suitable members on the main page without the need to search.

  3. How to find members according to my preferences easily?
    Click the "Easy Search" or "Your Search" link in the menu.

  4. I don't want to see a member in my search results. How to remove him or her?
    Click the "ignore" link in the search results or on his or her profile.

  5. Will you help me in searching ?
    Yes. Please contact admin and inform what you want to search. Admin will give you link to the search results.


  1. I don't want to display my name in my profile. What to do?
    Enter any short name or nickname.

  2. How to hide my photo in my profile?
    If you don't want others to see your photo, you can delete it.

  3. Can others know my email, phone or whatsapp numbers?
    Free members cannot know your contact details unless you tell them in free chat.

    Some members who like your profile may pay a small fee and see your mobile numbers. If you don't want paid members to see your contact details, update settings

  4. Are passwords stored securely ?
    Yes, all passwords are encrypted / hashed for maximum security. If you forget your password, you will get a new password.

  5. How can I keep some of my details private?
    If you don't want to share any sensitive details, don't fill them while editing your profile.

  6. How to delete my profile and account?
    menu -> settings -> delete account

  7. How to hide or deactivate my profile without deleting?
    Please contact Admin.


  1. Is this service really free?
    1. Create profile with photo and details. 100% Free.
    2. Suitable members may see your profile and contact you. 100% Free.
    3. You can search for suitable friends. 100% Free.
    4. If you like any member, you can contact using free chat. 100% Free.
    5. If you wish to see the mobile/email of members directly without using chat, you have to pay a small fee.

  2. Do I need to pay anything later?

  3. How to contact a member for free ?
    click 'free chat' in search results or profile.


  1. Can I change my password, email address etc?
    Yes, click 'change password' link in the menu.
    Click 'Edit profile' link in menu.

  2. After joining this site, will I get any phone calls?
    If you give your phone number to any member, they may call you. Some members who wish to contact you directly may pay a small fee, view your contact number, and call you.

  3. After joining this site, will I get too many emails?
    Usually No. If you are getting more emails, you can update options in the Settings page.

  4. I like this site. How can I help this site?
    Tell your friends about this site. Share this site link on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites and booking sites..

  5. I didn't get any email from this site. why?
    Please search in your inbox / spam / bulk folders. Some email providers like hotmail have some issue with our IP address. So, please use other email provider like Gmail. if you are using Yahoo, please wait for 5 to 10 minutes.

  6. How can I contact the owner / Admin of this site?
    email to : admin at matrimonybest.com or submit the feedback form. (link is at the bottom)


  1. Is there any mobile App for this site?
  2. How can I use this site on mobile phone?
    visit this site link in your mobile browser, or use the app.

  3. Why should I verify my mobile number?
    This is to prevent fake profiles and abuse.

  4. How can I block someone from calling my mobile phone or sending SMS ?
    In most of the android phones, you can find option to block any number. Or, use any call blocker app in Google Play : Block any number in Android mobile

  5. Is it safe to add my mobile number on this site?
    Yes. Only the first two digits of your mobile number will be shown on your profile page. Only those who want to contact you directly may see your mobile number after payment. You can block anybody from calling you or sending SMS in your mobile call settings.

  6. Can I use this site on all mobile browsers like chrome, ucbrowser etc..?
    Yes. You can use this site in most of the browsers like chrome, firefox, ucbrowser etc. However, some features may not work with browsers like uc mini, opera mini etc.


  1. Why should I pay?
    1. Chat is free. You can give or ask mobile numbers free. If there is no response in chat and if you still wish to contact member, you may see contact details by paying some fee.
    2. If everybody can see the mobile numbers for free, it causes a lot of spam calls.
    3. To see the mobile/email of members, pay a small fee, contact members directly without waiting for chat reply.
    4. Also, this site needs a huge investment to build and maintain.

  2. Can I see mobile number or email address of member immediately after payment ?
    Yes. This is automated. You will find a page with member mobile number or email address immediately after payment.

  3. Can I pay at any time, day or night ?
    Yes. You can pay anytime. This process is fully automated.
    If you want to see mobile number or email address of member, you will find a page with member mobile number / email address / contact details immediately after payment.
    If you want to pay to send SMS, you can pay anytime, and SMS will be sent during day time.

  4. Do I need to pay monthly or yearly ?
    No. You pay once to contact a member. If you want to contact more members, pay again. No monthly or yearly payments.

  5. Will my credit card / debit card / net banking details be safe ?
    Yes. This site is secured with SSL (https). So, the details you enter cannot be seen by others. Our payment processor is also 100% safe and secure.

  6. What should I do if I have any problem after payment ?
    Please contact admin or take the help of your friends or family members.

  7. Is payment on this site 100% safe ?
    Yes. All payments on this site are 100% safe and secure.

  8. Can I pay using my debit or ATM card ?

  9. Can I pay using internet banking ?

  10. Can I pay using my bank account ?
    Yes. Please click the UPI button on the payment form.

  11. Will there be any extra charges?
    No. You only pay the amount shown on payment form.

  12. Why are your fees very low compared to other services?
    We just want to cover the costs of building and operating this website.

  13. Can I pay the money to you by hand?
    You should pay online through MatrimonyBest.com links only.

  14. Can you collect money from our house or office?
    Sorry! You should only pay using the links on MatrimonyBest.com

  15. Can I pay money to other members?
    No! Don't pay anything to others. You should pay using MatrimonyBest.com links only.

  16. Payment link shows : Payments are unavailable. why?
    Instamojo payments are available to members in India only. If you are from India, please correct your email address and 10 digit mobile number in your contact details. Click the payment link again. If you still have any problem, please contact Admin.

  17. Are there any discounts / coupon codes / promo codes ?
    See the contact details of : 10 members (5% discount) Rs.950
    20 members (10% discount) Rs.1800
    40 members (15% discount) Rs.3400
    60 members (20% discount) Rs.4800
    100 members (25% discount) Rs.7500
    Select option on the payment page.

    There are no coupon codes / promo codes etc.

  18. Is there any money back guarantee ?
    If you paid to see the mobile number of a member, and if the mobile number does not work even after trying for many times, please contact Admin. You can see the mobile number of any other member you like for free. Or, you can get 100% money-back.

  19. I don't want to pay anything. Why should I keep my profile on this site ?
    1. It is 100% free to list your profile on this site.
    2. You need not pay anything.
    3. Suitable members may contact you using free chat.
    4. Or, you can contact other members using free chat.
    5. You can give your mobile number to those you like. Or, ask other members to give their mobile number to you. Or, discuss anything. Or, make new friends.

  20. After payment, what if mobile number or email of the member is not working?
    Contact Admin. You can see the contact details of another member you like for free. Or, get full refund.

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